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Observa China 观中国 was founded in January 2020 by a group of young professionals and students to create a network to qualify the debate on China in Portuguese.

We started the China project thinking about creating a network diffused by nuclei in cities in China and the Portuguese-speaking world. However, living in an interconnected world, we soon discovered the value of organising all of Observa China's work through digital means, promoting the construction of a Think and Net Tank that is born digital and seeks not only to think but to connect. Thus, we see conducting China studies as a joint venture with our community, creating a new way of seeing and thinking about the country.


Observa China's Mission is to organise a thinking and connected community, alerting to China's growing importance in its relationship with the world, notably with Portuguese-speaking countries and the Global South.

Observa China operates as a networked think and net tank formed by interested young people, professionals and scholars who seek to understand and debate China.


Observa China is an interdisciplinary and diverse network built by people who believe in knowledge and the free exchange of opinions as elements that contribute to deepening relations with China.


We believe in network impact. Collaborative action with other organizations and people motivates and guides our work by creating a network that strengthens ties for constructive discussions about China.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating and maintaining a network driven by diversity, gender equity, and inclusion demands. These demands are at the heart of all Observa China discussions and projects.


We do not take institutional positions on political topics as an organization. We do not have ties to political parties, ideologies, or economic groups. We are independent and guided only by the desire for knowledge.

Lusophony and Global South

We seek to give voice and space to the entire Lusophone community worldwide from a perspective towards and from the Global South. Therefore, we operate primarily in Portuguese.


Observa China operates as a network based on horizontal conversations, collective construction of the debate of ideas, and a space for the creation and dissemination of knowledge about China. Our vision for the future is collective and built on our values.

Thus, Observa China is building a community of young people, students, researchers and professionals in China Studies, creating spaces for new connections, research resources and programs that promote new voices and themes in the public discussion about China.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.