Work with us or in one of our projects. Eventually, we list openings in partner groups. All openings at Observa China 观中国 are voluntary.

Equipe de Comunicação

Estamos procurando uma para integrar a equipe da Observa China 观中国 como Pessoa Fotógrafa e contribuir com o desenvolvimento de imagens para o Instituto.

Thaís Araripe
Working Group for China-Brazil Relations and Lusophony

We are looking for 2 (two) Resident Fellows to be part of our team and contribute to the proper functioning and development of the Working Group for China-Brazil Relations and Lusophony, led by our senior fellow Pedro Steenhagen (石昊).

Workgroup on Energy and Sustainability

We are looking for 2 people to join the Observa China 观中国 team as Experts and contribute to the structuring and development of the Workgroup on Energy and Sustainability. Activities involve data collection and analysis, bibliographic research and production of studies. Experience in the area of International Political Economy, interest in energy and sustainability and ease of analyzing trade and investment indicators will be considered as advantages.


Estamos procurando uma pessoa para integrar a equipe de Recursos da Observa China para assessorar na implementação e condução das estratégias da Coordenadoria de Finanças, tais como suporte na implementação de um controle para o sistema financeiro da organização, bem como também estudos e análises de oportunidades relacionados à captação de recursos para organizações sem fins lucrativos.

Market research and monitoring

We are looking for a person with a command of Portuguese, professional proficiency in English (Mandarin being a big bonus) and experience in project coordination. This includes planning, coordinating people, and an interest in monitoring and studying the Chinese market.


If you cannot find an opening of your interest, you can leave your CV here with a justification of what interests you about Observa China's work and what you would like to work with.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.