Covering China

Tools for the Brazilian Press

2 DECEMBER 2023 - 9 DECEMBER 2023

12:00 - 16:00 BRT

/ 23:00 - 03:00 CST


Designed as a series of meetings, this course seeks to inform and debate the main themes and tools for journalists seeking to cover China from Brazil.


The relationship between Brazil and China is marked by an economic and strategic partnership that has developed significantly in recent decades. Despite cultural and political differences, the pragmatic relationship between these two rising powers has played an important role on the international stage.

There is, however, a gap in understanding about China that leads even the most credible media outlets to fall into stereotypes and simplifications of a culture that relies heavily on context-based assessments. In an increasingly interconnected world, journalism plays an indispensable role in building bridges of information and understanding in Sino-Brazilian relations. Brazilian journalists play a crucial role when reporting on China, contributing to the understanding and contextualisation of the dynamics between the two countries from a unique perspective.

Therefore, we invited experts to teach workshops on topics relevant to the coverage of Sino-Brazilian relations.


Online classes

All sessions in Portuguese


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November 28, 2023


Day 1 - 12/02/2023, 12:00-16:00 GMT-03, Brasilia Time

Session 1 - Paths to covering Chinese issues in Brazil: Chinese cultural diplomacy and media influence Igor Patrick, South China Morning Post Paulo Menechelli, Observa China 观中国 Giovana Fleck, BGMI

Session 2 - Chinese investments in Brazil Tulio Cariello, CEBC

Session 3 - BRICS and the new world order Karin Vazquez, Observa China 观中国 and CCG

Day 2 - 12/09/2023, 12:00-16:00 GMT-03, Brasilia Time

Session 4 - China in the Brazilian energy matrix Laura Urrejola, UnB

Session 5 - Sino-Brazilian Cooperation for climate resilience João Cumarú, Plataforma Cipó

Session 6 - China-Brazil Relations Maurício Santoro, Observa China 观中国


The course is free and funded by Freedom House, an organisation that works to promote democracy and independent journalism. Freedom House's funding was obtained through a grant and does not bind Observa China 观中国 to a specific programmatic content. The choice of speakers and the program follows our values of independence and of qualifying the debate about China in Portuguese. Read more about Observa China 观中国's values and mission at .


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© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.