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Observa China 观中国 courses are all designed for the community that wants to know more about China and develop relevant skills in discussing the country.

Series of conversations with recognized experts and academics, where they share in-depth knowledge about their experiences on crucial topics related to China.

A Observa China é uma plataforma que almeja promover a integração de todos aqueles ávidos por conhecimento sobre a China, sejam estudantes ou profissionais, e por isso desenvolvemos a Observa Encontra. São eventos organizados para promover a integração presencial de toda a comunidade Observa China. Com edições realizadas tanto no Brasil quanto na China, esta é uma série de eventos que promete aproximar de maneira casual o rico debate já realizado de maneira virtual. Esperamos vocês!

Observa China 观中国 Panel is an exclusive event format organized by Observa China 观中国, which brings together prominent experts and academics to participate in an in-depth debate on a common topic related to China. During the panel, the guests bring their perspectives and specialized knowledge, providing a comprehensive and well-founded analysis. Participants have the opportunity to witness a high-level dialogue, in which the challenges, trends and implications of the topic under discussion are explored. Obser...

China Talk is an exclusive event format reserved for members of Observa China 观中国, providing a restricted and intimate space for socialization and discussion of sensitive topics. In this exclusive environment, members have the opportunity to gather and exchange ideas on relevant issues related to China, addressing issues of mutual importance. In addition, Papo China offers an open space for members to share their opinions, experiences and concerns, creating a collaborative and enriching environment. This re...

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Papo de Notícias is a collaborative event format held in partnership with Shūmiàn 书面 and broadcast on Twitter Spaces, which provides a platform for discussion of news and relevant topics related to China. In this environment, experts and qualified professionals gather to analyze and debate current events, offering insights and informed perspectives. Participants have the opportunity to engage in constructive conversations, share points of view and deepen their knowledge on the issues at hand. Papo de Notíci...

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.