Alexandre Coelho

Alexandre Coelho 亚历山大

Professor of Comparative Theories of International Relations. Ph.D. in International Relations and Master of Law.

Senior Resident Fellow

Professor of International Relations. Ph.D. in International Relations and Master in Law. Non-Resident Specialist at Observa China. Specialist in Geopolitics - Geneva Institute of Geopolitics, Switzerland; Specialist in Politics and International Relations - São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics Foundation (FESPSP). Certificates and extensions in politics, economics, and International Relations from Hunan University, Tsinghua University, Harvard, and Sciences Po. Secretary - Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies at the International Political Science Association - IPSA. Guest Editor of the Macau Journal of Brazilian Studies.

Former Researcher at the Center for Global Trade and Investment Studies and the Global Law Center at the Getulio Vargas Foundation – Brazil (FGV-SP). Former Legal Counsel for the Bank of China-Brazil and the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3).

Areas of Interest and Research: Chinese Currency and the Renminbi Offshore Centers/Institutions and Institutional Bypass/Brazil-China Relations/International Security and China's Position/International Trade and the Trade War between China and the United States/Geopolitics involving China and its relations with the Middle East, India, and other countries in East and Southeast Asia.

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