Call for Submissions

QUINTA-FEIRA, 29/02/2024

Beyond Observing China... How about writing about it?

Observa China 观中国 invites its team, its members and all interested people to a mission of the highest importance: to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on the most varied topics related to China.

We welcome those interested in publishing in one of the official formats of Observa China 观中国: opinion articles, scientific analysis, interviews and debate articles, which aim at China, its culture, its history, its politics, its economy and its society. We also value texts about its international relations, its partnership with Brazil and other Lusophone communities and relevant themes for contemporary debates, such as the environment, technology and law.

Observa China 观中国 prides itself on its publications of academic rigor, but aimed at a wide audience, with inclusive and accessible language.

Proposals of a discriminatory nature or without factual support will not be considered.

When and how?

We accept submissions on a continuous basis and only for texts in Portuguese.

We ask that the interested person send an email to the editorial team,, including:

  • Topic: "Observa China - Publication Proposal"
  • Google Docs document (preferably) or Microsoft Word containing:
  1. The full text (between 1000 and 1500 words) or a summary of the proposal (indicating the format, topic, and angle of engagement with it)
  2. Authorship with name, institution, email (remembering that we accept up to 2 authors per text)
  3. A mini-bio (up to 100 words)
  4. A high resolution photo

Final notes

Observa China is a network of enthusiasts that currently works on a voluntary basis. Consequently, publications are not currently paid.

Acceptance and subsequent publication is the responsibility of the Editorial Board. Once the proposal has been sent, the Editorial Board contacts the authors directly in order to proceed in accordance with our publication process.

We follow an anonymous review standard, publication on our website and we proceed with the dissemination of the publication through the social networks of Observa China 观中国.

We look forward to your proposals!

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.