Observa China Panel

The Triangle Brazil-China-Portugal

Connecting Dialogues

JUNE 22, 2024

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM BRT

/ 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM CST

Event to facilitate yet another debate about the 50th and the 45th anniversaries of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and China and between Portugal and China, respectively.


Continuing Observa China 观中国's 2024 event season with high-level exchanges, we are honoured to organise a Panel of excellence and host six distinguished speakers, who boast an enriching experience in terms of Sino-Brazilian and Sino-Portuguese relations: Ana Saldanha (Hunan Normal University), Daniel Cardoso (Autonomous University of Lisbon), Emanuel Leite Junior (Tongji University), Fernanda Ilhéu (University of Lisbon), J. Renato Peneluppi Jr. (Center for China and Globalization — CCG) e Yuyun Li (Fudan University). The moderation will be carried out by Pedro Steenhagen (Fudan University and Observa China 观中国).

This is an unmissable event, and it is open to all interested people, whether they are professionals, academics or not, already involved in the debates related to China, students, or people in general who wish to deepen their knowledge of the topics covered here. The Panel will be transmitted live in our YouTube channel, and the participation of the public with questions and comments is welcome. The discussions will be held only in Portuguese.


Yuyun Li (Ana Li)
Yuyun Li (Ana Li)

Observa China Panel

Observa China 观中国 Panel is an exclusive event format organized by Observa China 观中国, which brings together prominent experts and academics to participate in an in-depth debate on a common topic related to China. During the panel, the guests bring their perspectives and specialized knowledge, providing a comprehensive and well-founded analysis. Participants have the opportunity to witness a high-level dialogue, in which the challenges, trends and implications of the topic under discussion are explored. Observa China 观中国 Panel offers an essential platform to broaden understanding of contemporary China, providing valuable insights and stimulating an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand.

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