Project Manager - Market research and monitoring

We are looking for a person with a command of Portuguese, professional proficiency in English (Mandarin being a big bonus) and experience in project coordination. This includes planning, coordinating people, and an interest in monitoring and studying the Chinese market.

Diversity Policy

Observa China 观中国 is a network of equal opportunities and rejects any kind of discrimination or harassment. We are committed to creating and maintaining a network oriented by demands for diversity and gender equity. Therefore, we encourage candidates of all generations, identities, and life experiences to work with us. When applying, feel free to write about your identity and experiences.


Observa China 观中国 is a new network, under construction. We work on a voluntary basis, that is, without remuneration. We are looking for committed people who want to grow with us. At this time, our positions do not offer financial compensation or the creation of any formal bond.


  • Engagement with a network of professionals and students connected to China
  • Professional development opportunities with the network
  • Access to member benefits such as participation in exclusive events, study and analysis groups, strategic conversations and more


  • Proactivity: suggesting and implementing your own ideas
  • Empathy, respect for diversity and knowledge of non-violent communication (NVC)
  • Interest in learning about China and its complexities
  • Demonstrate ethical values and commitment to tackling complex problems
  • Desired experience with think-tanks, project management, technology companies or the media
  • Desire to learn how to use new technologies for Watch China work


  • Coordinating a team of editorial analysts for the production of a market monitoring and research bulletin
  • Ensuring the textual quality of publications
  • Ensure the consistency of Observa China's projects with the institutional mission and values


  • Proficiency in Portuguese
  • Professional English proficiency
  • Experience in market research
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Familiarity with work tools such as Slack and Google Suite
  • Availability of around 15 hours per week, including meetings, Observa China events and weekend work
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© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Observa China 观中国. All rights reserved.